Keimrad 1,000

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The Keimrad 1,000 is designed to provide fresh sprouts for 1,000 birds. It's extremely easy to use, durable and energy efficient.  And did we mention it's FULLY Automated?  That's right, options are available to get the feed all the way from the machine to your chickens - hands free.  Details and pricing to be determined soon.

  • Production per day: TBD
  • Daily Seed required: TBD
  • Daily Water usage: TBD
  • Water inlet: TBD
  • Water outlet: TBD
  • Electrical requirements: 110v outlet.
  • Construction:  Stainless Steel
  • Automated watering, cycling, and harvesting


Prices assume pickup in Grass Valley, California and DO NOT INCLUDE FREIGHT.  Contact us if you would like a freight quote to your location.  Availability of products will vary.  Please contact us at or (530) 615-0565 for current lead times.   Typical wait times are 6-8 weeks if no systems are in stock.