Video / Media

The knowledge of fodder is spreading fast!  Here are some articles or websites to refer to, along with some great videos.
  • Pioneer Settler:  Fodder and horses
  • Pioneer Settler:  How to grow your own livestock feed.
  • Tractor Supply:  A short article on small DIY systems.
  • Hancock Seed Company:  You'll see that they've started offering "barley fodder seed" for sale.
  • Paramount Grain Management:  Another company that has seen the need for sprouting seed.
  • Progressive Dairyman:  Progressive Dairyman interviews Kirt Lindley (one of our customers) about his fodder system.  They also invited Kirt out to the World Ag Expo of 2015 to talk about his fodder experience.  He was featured on the front cover of the Progressive Dairyman magazine during the show.  A video farm tour is also below.
  • San Francisco Chronicle:  An article about Simply Country and fodder.