Sprouting Systems for Poultry

How easy is it to use?

Seeds are placed dry into a drum each day. They are watered at predetermined intervals and rotated. The systems contain enough drums for a 4 day rotation. You will have sprouts every day. Simply remove the sprouts on day 4, and refill with dry seed! It's extremely easy to use.

Why 4 days?

Sprouts grown to day 6 have proven to work extremely well for cattle, horses and many other types of livestock. For poultry however we've found that an earlier stage produces better results. The sprouts have more energy, yet still gain a significant amount of nutrition over dry grain.  If you'd like to read some research on this, click here.

What seed should I use?

A variety of options can work. Cereal grains have lots of energy, while things like peas and beans have extremely high protein. The exact mix may depend on your birds.

What is needed for sanitation during the growing cycle?

Due to the innovative design of watering, draining, and short growth cycle, you likely won't need any type of sanitizer in the watering system.

Can the systems be used outside?

Yes, although the drums are not directly climate controlled. For cold weather, warm water can be used to help the growth process. For freezing temperatures we'd recommend running the system inside of a barn or shed.

What nutrients are required for the sprouting process?

No additional nutrients are needed, just clean seed and water.

What is the machine made from?

The machines are made from 304 Food Grade stainless steel and are extremely durable.

Can it run on solar?

Absolutely, we intend to have solar ready packages available.

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