Not all fodder systems are created equal.  If you are struggling with a home-built or competitor's system, there is hope!  Contact us for more detailed information.  Our consulting packages may be the answer to happy sprouting.


Customer Feedback:

"I want to thank you and Ryan for all or your help. I contacted you for ideas on a competitors machine that never worked right. You and Ryan both gave me advice and never once tried to get me to switch to one of your machines. I was lucky enough to find a used sprouter made by Simply Country that was almost new. You sent Ryan to my place to help me get it squared away and show me how to use it. I went from a sprouter that was not only a maintenance nightmare and a gamble on what my crop would be to a consistent crop with a minimum of maintenance. Both you and Ryan were great it giving me tips to fix my old sprouter so it would produce a decent crop of sprouts.  I have told several people about your service and my complete satisfaction with my new sprouter. Your expertise and great customer service has made feeding my buffalo a much more enjoyable and stress free experience.

 Thank you;

Steve Rosenberg

Rancho Igo no more

Igo, Calif."