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Fodder System Selection Guide

If you need some help deciding which system is best for you, you're in the right place.  First off, here are some reasons why a FodderWorks system has an edge on the competition:

  1. We do not pre-soak seed.  Why does this matter?  The extra step of pre-soaking seed BEFORE you put it into your fodder systems adds extra work.  Growing fodder is a daily chore, just like feeding your animals.  We believe it should be as easy as possible and fit within your busy schedule.  By eliminating the most labor intensive steps of the process on even the most affordable machines - you can focus on more important things.
  2. All systems grow in 6 days.  A 6 day growing cycles means less parts, less infrastructure and a more efficient operation.  More efficiency results in a lower production cost.  
  3. The FodderWorks team understands fodder!  We don't just sell equipment, we're experienced in both growing and feeding fodder to a wide variety of livestock.

 START HERE: There are a few major factors that influence which system is best.  Please read the following paragraph and select whichever option best describes you.  This will take you where you need to go.  Fodder is a precision crop.  We monitor the temperature, create optimum airflow, water every hour in increments measured in seconds and as a result - produce a consistent feed 365 days a year.  You will need a climate controlled space that can maintain the proper environment for optimum results. Which of these best applies to your situation?

  1. I do not have a climate controlled space, nor do I have the expertise to build one.
  2. I may need some help with the specifics, but I have a building or space in mind.


Perfect! Since you need a complete system, we recommend of the "F series" machines.  They come 100% complete, are insulated, climate controlled and have automatic watering.  Models range from 110lbs to 1,100lbs of production per day.  The "F" stands for fodder, and the number indicates the pounds of production per day.  For example, the "F110" model produces 110lbs of fodder per day.  The "F750" model produces 750lbs per day.  You can see the various models we offer here.   The maximum size offered is limited due to shipping restrictions.  If you need MORE than 1 ton of production per day, go here.


Great! If you're more of the DIY type, the "MF series" racks may be the best fit for you.  They use the same trays, irrigation, etc as the complete systems.  The building and heating/cooling however is not included.  If you have a space where one of these racks will fit and it can be properly climate controlled, this can be a cost effective option.  Go here to see the MF series racks.  These are manually operated, if you're looking for automated robotic systems, go here: Take me to your leader

FodderWorks onsite fodder system Nebraska 5 ton per day Large Scale fodder production


Large Scale Production  Although you can buy multiple F series machines, it's not the most cost effective, or most efficient method of producing large quantities of fodder.  Here's what we recommend:

MF1100 - The MF1100 series racks are designed to go into your own building.  Although we typically don't get involved with building construction, we are happy to help with specifications, plans, even building materials if desired.  Simply let us know how much assistance you need to get up and running.  These systems do require manual labor, typically about 1 hour per 1,000lbs.  For more details, see here.

FodderWorks Robotic Fodder System - Don't have the labor?  No problem!  This systems is TOTALLY automated.  We don't use the term "automated" lightly.  The robot will remove the finished fodder and put it onto a conveyor belt, wash the trays, reseed the trays, then put them back on the rack in their appropriate place.  NO human labor is required to produce many tons of feed per day.  The Robotic systems starts at just 1 ton per day and is expandable to suit your needs.  For more information on the robot, go here.