How does it work?

Seeds are placed onto specialized growing trays each day. They are watered at predetermined intervals and kept within precise climate control parameters. The systems contain enough trays for a full 6 day rotation. You will have sprouts on days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. That means you will have fresh feed every day, year round. You can watch a customer video here.

Why Sprouts?

The two major benefits of sprouts are health and cost. Sprouts are nutrient dense and highly digestible. They are also cost effective to produce. You can save money and have healthier animals.

What seed should I use?

Barley is the most commonly used seed for fodder. It is extremely high in nutritional value and sprouts well. Other seeds can be used to vary the nutritional profile of your sprouts. Check out our seed selection here.

What is a biscuit?

A biscuit is a single mat of fodder that is ready to feed. The ECO, F, and MF series all produce biscuits that weigh 18lbs.

Can the systems be used outside?

Yes! The ECO and F series systems are designed to be outdoors. Contact us if you're not sure which system you need for your climate. As a general rule, the ECO series are for mild climates, while the F series are available in various insulation options. The R-32 option is recommended for sub-zero temperatures. Contact us for operational details in extreme cold weather.

What nutrients are required for the sprouting process?

No additional nutrients are needed, just clean seed and water.

What part do the animals eat?

They will eat the entire mat, roots and all.

My question wasn't answered, what do I do now?

Please contact us! We'd be happy to answer any questions you have. (530) 615-0565 / info@simplycountry.net