The FodderWorks Journey September 30 2016, 0 Comments

The last weeks have been eventful, 11 days at the Iowa State Fair.  The butter cow sculpture is an amazing site, and there was tremendous interest in Fodder. 

Image Credit:  Iowa State Fair,  The world-famous Butter Cow is located in the Agriculture Building. In 2006, Sarah Pratt of West Des Moines became the Fair's fifth butter sculptor.

While there, I was interviewed by NPR about the water savings of using fodder for feed, then on to Jacksonville to tour the Snowbird fully automated fodder system. 

Next is Grand Island Nebraska for the Husker Harvest Ag show, by way of Kansas to visit a sheep producer that is having great response with fodder in his rations.  In Grand Island, I met with current producers and heard of their success and shared with those interested in adding fodder to their feeding program.  This was followed by a side trip to India to study fodder technology there, (which will be featured at The World Ag Expo in Tulare,CA).
I'm now sitting in Kansas City waiting to fly into Utah to meet with one of our seed suppliers.  Then...I will go home for a bit. 

Seems like since I embarked on this Fodder journey over 7 years ago, I have been, seen and visited more places and people then I would ever encountered in the small town of Rough & Ready where I live.  My family has been in the feed business over 52 years and 3 generations.

I was introduced to Fodder over 7 years ago and quite frankly never thought I would be traveling, literally around the world, developing, manufacturing and marketing fodder systems.

It has been an interesting "journey",  more from the stand point of learning, understanding, and then learning some more, how sprouted grain for livestock feed benefits both the stock being fed and the producer feeding them.  We have years of great testimonials and experiences with the benefits of fodder.  The best part is that there is still more to learn and understand about the advantages, both nutritional and financial, of blending sprouted grains into feed rations.

A special thanks for all those who have come along for the journey with us here at Fodderworks.  We have all learned along the way.  We are committed to FODDER, because it WORKS!   Thanks everyone!  


Curt Chittock


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