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This year at the Iowa State Fair, we were excited to introduce fodder to the Lieutenant Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds.  With the recent announcement that Iowa's long-time Governor Terry Branstad will be the new US Ambassador to China, Iowa will now have its first female governor.  Congratulations Lieu. Governor Reynolds!  

Iowa Governer Reynolds

We met Lieu. Governor Reynolds during STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Day at the Iowa State Fair, and were proud to be one of the many STEM focused booths all around the Fair that day.  The Governor's STEM Advisory Council and the Governor's Office have worked hard to make STEM education in Iowa a top priority, and we are confident that Governor Reynolds will continue this important effort.  

A FodderWorks F Series system is an excellent, interactive teaching tool, and can be used in a variety of settings in formal and non-formal education.  Below is an example of how a FodderWorks system helps demonstrate the various STEM areas. There would also be additional STEM areas demonstrated with our fully automated fodder systems.  


Biology: Watching a seed sprout - Barley seed to sprouted feed in 6 days

Chemistry: Sprouted Barley Nutrient Content Analysis

Nutrition: Animal Health Improvement measurement


Computer Systems: Electronic Computerized Control Panel


Drafting and Design:  Design and Build a system 

Environmental:  Low Water Consumption and Reduced Land Usage for Feed


Calculating:  Feed Rations and Operational Costs / Savings


We look forward to continuing to work with all those in government and in the education sector to help fodder become more widely known as a healthy, sustainable, and economic solution for livestock agriculture in the US and all around the world.

We'll look forward to seeing you next time,


Justin Akers

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