Our Mission

Come see the Robotic Fodder System at the World Ag Expo!  February 14th - 16th, Tulare, California.


High quality Non-GMO Barley seed - Organic and Conventional

At FodderWorks we only deal with the highest quality of barley.  It's extremely clean, has a high germination rate and is tested specifically for sprouting.

Shipping and Pick up Locations
Barley seed is currently available to pick up, or ship from the following locations:

Grass Valley, California
Totes, Bags in Pallets, or individual bags.

Brigham City, UT
Totes or Bags in pallet quantities.

Des Moines, Iowa
Bags in pallet quantities.

If you're interested in local seed availability in Texas, please let us know!  You'll be notified as soon as it's available.  info@simplycountry.net

Current Pallet Pricing
Conventional Barley:  28 cents per lb
Organic Barley:  43 cents per lb
Contact us for larger volume pricing.

Looking to grow food for people instead of animals?  We've got you covered!  FodderWorks is now an authorized agent of Indoor Farms of America.  It's now just as easy to grow leafy greens and other produce in the same conditions as fodder - year round, consistent growth and extremely efficient.  Click here to learn more.  We'll be showing off this technology right alongside our fodder systems at all major trade shows.

Non-GMO, Organic and Sustainable farming - Are these things you're looking for?  So are we!  We offer a small piece the puzzle - that's a major contribution to increasing livestock health and reducing feed cost.  

We want to educate everyone on the nutritional benefits of feeding sprouted grains to livestock and horses as well as the economics.  You need to know how to grow and sprout fodder, how to feed it, and how to save money.  If you already know the answers, feel fee to skip forward to our products page where you can find fodder systems for sale.  If not, here are a few resources for you:

  • Where can I see a fodder system in operation?  Check out upcoming events.  If you don't see something close by, feel free to give us a call to find a system near you.
  • Is fodder good for your livestock, horses, goats, sheep, or chickens?  Yes!  Check out our Why Sprouts? page for some basic nutritional information.
  • When was the first fodder system and who invented it?  Check out our History page.
  • Can I just watch a video?  Sure!  Click below or head over to the fodder videos section.